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the whole while it ran perfect above 2500 rpm, it was only missing in low rpms, with no load. My '03 Dodge Ram would stall when slowing or idling.
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  • However, the best RPMs to shift gears should be based on how the engine sounds and feels.
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  • Apr 24, 2023 · Typically, the following things can cause RPM drops at idle: Warm idle adjust is set too low (Carburetor only).
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    The spark plugs are used to ignite the air and fuel mixture entering the combustion chamber.

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    This vibration can cause RPM fluctuations, and it will feel like the engine has a mind of its own.

  • Sep 17, 2015 · For example, I used to have a 2011 Toyota Yaris with 1.
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    I can always up my idle speed but am looking at another option.

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    33 litre engine having VVT on both the intake and the exhaust.